Where Recovery Brings Hope

Putting an End to Addiction

At Riverside Recovery Services, LLC, we help provide you with the resources you need to live a productive life in recovery. We teach you accountability, communication, coping skills, personal ethics and relapse prevention techniques.

We provide individual treatment services to individuals working to recover from the disease of addiction, including assessments, individual and group counseling, education, drug screens and case management services.

Addiction Doesn't Discriminate

We know the first step to addiction recovery is deciding that you need to make a change. Maybe you can see how your addiction is creating problems in your life, or maybe your friends or family members have approached you to tell you that they are worried about you.

Regardless of why you have decided to make a change, the important thing is that you are making it and you’re motivated to improve your life and health by putting an end to your addiction to alcohol, drugs or to the behaviors or disorders that are holding your life captive.

Multiple Locations

We have locations in Coshocton, Knox and Lawrence County, Ohio. Each county offers several different levels of services; from Intensive Outpatient, Non Intensive Outpatient, Residential and Transitional Living for both men and women. No matter the level of care you are looking for, we can help match you with your needs.