Where Recovery Brings Hope

Benjamin Fitts currently resides at Riverside's Men's Riverhouse Facility. Benjamin has made tremendous strides since initial intake date with Riverside Recovery Services. Benjamin states, "Sitting at St. Mary's Hospital in Hu tington West Virginia I was at rock bottom. I have been doing drugs for 40 plus years."With help from Benjamin's social worker at St. Mary's, Benjamin was able to get placement at Riverside's Crossroads facility.

During Benjamin's care at Crossroad's, Benjamin learned about unhealthy behavior and started addressing the behavior that Benjamin noticed was unhealthy and detrimental to his recovery. Benjamin states, "At first it was rough on me. I am grateful for the people when I entered Riverside. I felt welcomed by the staff and clients who were at Crossroads. It was a blessing every day I was there."

Benjamin entered Crossroads Facility on 2/ 7 /2020 and completed his care at Crossroads on 5/26/2020. Benjamin is a self­referral, which means Benjamin chose treatment, and upon completion of Crossroads Benjamin chose to continue care with Riverside Recovery Services at the Riverhouse Sober Living. Benjamin states, "I learned a lot while I was at Crossroads. My favorite thing I learned is finding out who I am. I have not had a clear mind in a Iong time, and I could not remember how it felt honestly. When I transitioned over to Riverhouse I was not as nervous as I was when I first came to Riverside. I was grateful to have my life back and to have time to experience life clean. Since I came to the Riverhouse, I have been able to benefit from the services provided to help me and my recovery. I have mended broken relationships I thought would never be able to be fixed. I have good people in my life today who care about me. I was able to save money and get me my own vehicle and it is legal. What really blows my mind is I am going back to school, and never even dreamed I would even consider or go to school. If I hadn’t come to Riverside I do not think I would be writing this letter right now."

Benjamin took the opportunity Riverside Recovery Services provides to not just treat his Substance Use Disorder, but also develop a new way of living. Benjamin is constantly looking for new avenues to produce growth in his personal life and recovery. Benjamin's goal is to continue to save money, complete Riverhouse Program, and get his own place.
Benjamin is a prime example of the benefits that treatment offers when someone is open and willing to change their life.

A Success Story

Recovery is Possible