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Please make sure you are dressed the same as you would be if you were to come to the OP Office for a group meeting. This means you must be appropriately dressed. Example: full shirt (no unnecessary skin showing), pants, no bathrobes, etc.

You must participate in both parts of the group in order to get credit. This means you have to participate in the first half AND come back after the break.

You MUST participate in the group to get credit as well. This means that simply being logged in does not count.

Please act in the group the way you would act if you were attending a group at the OP Office. This means you must be sitting in a quiet place and be fully engaged. This also means no watching TV, no cooking, and no having conversations with other people in your home during the meeting.

​Be respectful of your other group members. Try not to talk over other members, interrupt, or be distracting from the group leaders (counsellors) and be disruptive.

This is supposed to be a positive opportunity and experience for everyone during this trying time of COVID-19. Please be respectful of other group members and try to gain something positive from this experience.

We care about YOU!
Let’s Continue Together in Recovery!

1. Visit zoom.com
2. Click on Join Meeting
3. Enter ID #104 177 520
4. Enter Password: (We will send this to you)

How does this Work?
As part of our efforts to keep you and our staff safe during this COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to observe Social Distancing. We will do our best to support YOUR recovery needs in this journey. Time away from each other, or isolation, is certainly not helpful in your recovery, but we are here to talk, share and answer your questions. While nothing can replace our face to face meetings, we can take advantage of technology to help you manage and protect your sobriety.

What do you need to join the meeting?
Any device with internet access is ok to connect with. You do need access to WiFi . or data on your phone (Video streaming is best with a computer or tablet). Mobile phones work fine, though you may need your reading glasses as the view is small!

Why is this TeleHealth meeting on Zoom is important?
Recovery is a process that requires interaction with your peers, and in this time of 'stay at home’ orders, we still want YOU to have this service available. Research shows that Group meetings increase success for people in recovery, therefore we continue to offer group therapy online. It is important for you to schedule the 10-12noon meetings or Thurs 5-7pm meetings and show up! This is YOUR opportunity to meet your goals and objectives while staying at home. As much as possible, we cannot allow this pandemic to derail your recovery process. This will end and WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY, HEALTHY AND SOBER at that time!.

It’s easy – so join us and your RRS friends in Recovery

For Further Information Please
Call the Riverside Recovery Outpatient Office at 740-326-9255
Email: Knovak@rrsohio.com or Kmaibach@rrsohio.com